Positive dog training for happy dogs and happy owners because dog training should be fun

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Why should your dog train with us?

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Because dog training should be fun
Because dog training should be fun
Tired dog happy owner
Tired dog happy owner
Dogs do what feels good
Dogs do what feels good
Sitting is a nice way to say 'please'
Sitting is a nice way to say 'please'
Trained dogs go places
Trained dogs go places
A trained good dog
A trained good dog

Why should your dog train with us?


  • we make dog training fun
  • we create a life-long bond between you and your dog
  • our training is very efficient - we get results fast and reliably
  • our methods are best practice
  • we are up to date with the latest scientific research
  • you don’t need to be the ‘top dog’
  • we love dogs and their owners

We train an obedient dog who is part of the family, can go to the coffee shop and on holidays, but is calm and happy when home alone.

Tricks will improve and establish a relationship based on trust and understanding.

We give you the tools to communicate effectively and efficiently with your dog. 

We are highly qualified, experienced, recommended by several vets on the northern beaches, accredited and adhere to a strict code of ethics.

Our positive reinforcement methods are the most effective and humane way of training dogs and are the least likely to create behavioural problems.

Positive reinforcement methods are recommended by the Australian Veterinary Association, Veterinary Behaviourists, the RSPCA and Animal Welfare League.



Many thanks Allison and Barbara,
We really appreciate the extra trouble you both go to so that we can be part of the class.  I am really enjoying it and Miss B seems to have settled into it really well.  Your expertise, patience and unfailing good humour are an unbeatable combination!
See you next week, Linda and Bianca

Hi Barbara, thought I’d let you know how things are going with our Jack Russell, Jack and a cat that arrived into our household last June.

It’s not a perfect cat/dog relationship but it is so much better than I ever could have imagined ! Thank you so much for your assistance. The cat loves being in my kitchen and sits on a bar stool higher than Jack can reach, but they easily walk past each other in the hallway and stairwell and can easily be fed together.

We will always separate them when the house is empty from a safety point of view. The cat has worked his way into our hearts big-time and of course we adore our dogs and would HATE for anything to happen to any of them in our absence.

I feel Jack has done exceptionally well considering our neighbour bought her children rabbits and chickens for Christmas. I thought Jack would have a heart attack with all these opportunities to chase , but he is so much more relaxed with them than I could have thought possible.

He still gets big walks and lots of stimulation and sleeps well at night!

Thanks again Barbara, I have attached a photo of Bindi watching the cat in his Christmas tunnel in our living room on Christmas day. He is no longer a prisoner in my son’s bedroom!